This is something that I should have done a long time ago, but here are the first steps to start creating an analog color pallette. This will help me to create more accurate terrain colors and make more acrylic paint to match them. Ten pages of Model Master Enamel, Acryl and Metalizer swatches. This are the first step of building a pallette, the next one is to create and match the colors via acrylics. I will update every image as soon as I add missing colors.

Testors Enamel Paint 1 (Enamel)

Testors Enamel Paint 2 (Enamel)

Testors Model Master 1 (Enamel)

Testors Model Master 2 (Enamel)

Testors Model Master 3 (Enamel)

Testors Model Master 4 (Enamel)

Testors Model Master 5 (Enamel)

Testors Acryl Paints 1 (Acrylic)

Testors Acryl Paints 2 (Acrylic)

Testors Acryl Paints 3 (Acrylic)

Testors Metalizer Paints