AF Diorama - Stryker
AF Diorama

AF Diorama

When I was a kid, my grandfather always gave me toys, but his presents always had something interesting because they required me to assemble them with him before I could play with them.  I still remember playing with these warfare “toys”, parts and fresh paint everywhere.  We destroyed them and we put them back together again with other new ones; at the end of the day the fun thing was the careful process of assembling them to then destroy them playing with a big smile.

This is my personal website about this great hobby, which I now appreciate and understand how serious it really is.  Years ago I started to take it up again, I hope you enjoy it.


I manage different scales, my favorite is 1/72 but sometimes lacks of detail for the small size or the difficult can be to assemble if a photo etched upgrade is on it , another good scale is 1/35 that is the most standard on tanks and AFV.

For aircraft I use sometimes 1/144 scales. I tent to keep this scales that contains the most large inventory on the popular brands

AF Diorama - 1:72 Desertic Terrain

Custom Terrain Build

One of the things that I like to make are different seasonal and time era scenarios that can be used as gaming tabletop or for shows, if you are an architect it can work too. All terrains are custom made with cardboard, PVC, wood, cast and other lightweight elements and It can be modular for easy storing. Top quality, low maintenance and expandable. Contact me for inquiries.